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Welcome to The Wolf Den! The Wolf Den is a community based factions server who has just integrated the new 1.18 Caves and Biomes system into our server. Our server still runs on 1.17 so don't worry, you can experience the newest of minecraft inside of our server, for free! Why should you join The Wolf Den?: We offer a friendly and inclusive environment, as well as respect players who want their time and space to theirselves. We have tons of fun and useful plugins, such as: - Magic - AureliumSkills - LevelledMobs - Factions (Premium) - Anti - Cheat / Xray - Player Bounties - Auction House - Economy - Shops And much more! Still not sure? Check out a few of our links to really grasp the server!: Website - YouTube - The Wolf Den - - OPEN NOW! - YouTube Tik Tok - Discord - Connect to the server using this IP (1.1-1.17) - Bedrock users can connect with this port: 19132 (

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Rank #59
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Online players 6 / 50
Version 1.17.1
Score 3144 (131 votes)
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