The Golden Egg is a classic survival world for a truly vanilla experience!

No Teleport Commands! No Land Claim! Wasteland word! PVP & Griefing Allowed! No-Lag No World Reset! We strive to bring players to establish their bases, conquer and protect their territory!

The server is FREE so everyone can JOIN!

How To Join? Download Minecraft 1.18.1 Copy & Paste the server address in Multiplayer > Add Server. Join and /register your username with a password. Enjoy.

Join via IP: "". Join via Hostname: "".

Server Properties:

-Gamemode: Survival -Difficulty Level - HARD -No commands for players. -You can /vote to receive daily rewards but THAT'S IT! You're on your OWN! -The PVP is enabled. -There are NO pay-to-win features to provide equality. -Enchased Anti-Cheat system for a truly classic experience.

Join The Golden Egg today and become the server KING!

The Golden Egg - Classic Survival thumbnail