The TFG SMP is looking for new players to fill its ranks ! We are a community driven server with a lot of ambition and loads of build ideas. Launched on June 23rd, it is still fresh with a clean world free of mega bases (for now).

What to find in our server :

  • A very friendly community made out of people from all around the world. Events are also often planned to bring everyone together.
  • A robust damage protection systems. Our dedicated staff team is committed to ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for all.
  • A nearly vanilla survival adventure with carefully selected quality of life enhancements, designed to complement the core gameplay without straying too far from its vanilla roots.
  • We value our players' input and welcome suggestions to make the server even better.

As the server contains a whitelist, you will need to dm me (TA3R1SS) on Discord for access to our the server and all the infos.

We hope to hear from you and get to play with you :D

TFG SMP {Vanilla - 1.20 - 16+} banner