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Welcome to TelestraMC Factions a New and Improved Faction Server with a WAR, Vaults, and Customizable Crates! Currently it support 1.19 servers but as of next week there will be [1.7-1.19] Supported Versions will be able to play NEW AND IMPROVED FACTIONS: n VAULTS IMPROVED CRATES (Common, Rare, Epic, & Legendary) there will be more down the future THERE IS CROSSPLAY BETWEEN JAVA AND BEDROCK JOIN NOW!!! :) Java: IP: Port is standard 25565 Bedrock: IP: Port is standard 19132 We have War Banners to be purchased in the shop just do /f shop Although there is some bugs where players cant access commands but currently getting it worked on right now! We are a competitive factions server where Top Players around the world Battle for the top faction and gain faction points to purchase perks in the faction shop We have VAULTS that can be used for factions We have Faction chests executed by /f chests WE HAVE HUGE EVENTS COMING IN THIS SERVER SO COME PREPARE TO WIN SOME EVENTS! WE have Crossplay Java: IP: Port is standard 25565 Bedrock: IP: Port is standard 19132 Weekly Updates will be performed to make our player experience have a safe and enjoying time at our server

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Rank #936
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Version 1.7.5
FlameCord 1.7-1.16.5
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