SwissNET is a brand new factions survival server that values a certain feeling of playing Minecraft, as it was during its early years, as well as the sense of community that comes with it.

The server keeps its rules and again, plugins to a minimum, allowing players to relax and simply enjoy the game as it was meant to be a played. I have made sure all of my staff are patient and understanding people. Anything, gameplay wise, goes. Stealing items, raiding, etc. Players can embark on their adventure in either an amplified or vanilla world map according to their liking. To keep gameplay somewhat fair, everyone starts off with nothing more than a kit of stone tools; pay-to-win is out of the question.

World border is ~30 million blocks away. There are no mods, no major game-altering plugins, to allow for true vanilla gameplay. Hosted a nice Linux machine.

If you are looking to play Minecraft, look no further! Come join SwissNET today! ~

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