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New Server in Development. THIS SERVER IS NOT HARDCORE LIKE IN THE DIFFICULTY (vanilla) But as in the server is for experienced players! We plan to create a place where everyone of all ages can have fun and socialize with each other! We provide our server and players with a ton of fun, nice and useful features like on no other servers, which means our server is 95+ % custom. We hope to reach many active players who want to be a part of our nice community and help us with good ideas for our future developments! WE BUILD OUR FUTURE SERVER TOGETHER! • Custom Chat - The chat on our server is very unique as it contains the option to switch our main - language as well as toggling global (any) and global (eng) on and off, this means you're - much likely able to play and chat with people from your country or global! • Custom Shop & Economy - We developed an economic system with materialistic values that rise and fall all the - time, which means that sometimes certain materials are expensive and other times - cheap. - The custom shops are NPC shops with different tier shops, you find better tiers by - traveling the server towns! the shop includes random items switching every random - amount of time (15-90 min) • Custom Crafting - Right now this only contains the crafting of tools and weapons, with very complex - crafting, upgrading, and smithing. This makes the game not only harder but also more - progressive! - We have a lot more custom crafting planned later on, such as craftable spawners. • WE'RE WORKING ON MUCH MORE SUCH AS • A spawner system (very complex and will come later on) • Skills (mcmmo alike) • Magic • Much more (you can be a part of the decision)

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