Server description

SkyHub Network is a minecraft server for SkyBlock only. Later on we are going to add more gamemodes but now we are foccusing on 1 gamemode only to make it the best of it. This is the first (non)P2W server, how does that work? We have 2 leaderboards, one for the default ones who hasn't bought anything in that season. And the one for who has bought something in that season. No matter if you have a rank or not you are still able to be at that number 1 on the leaderboard.

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Server info
Rank #109
Adress (IP)
Online players 0 / 200
Version 1.19.3
Score 1056 (44 votes)
Top 5 voters
#1 Barry_Allens Barry_Allens 6x
#2 ImAlsoGus ImAlsoGus 5x
#3 Firefly1966 Firefly1966 3x
#4 Beard_on_Glen Beard_on_Glen 3x
#5 Miyopro Miyopro 3x