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Bedwars and Friendly Survival Custom plugins Custom Enchants 1.16! Frequent dropparties Custom rankup rewards! Crate keys which give randomly generated loot! Amazing hit detection and no lagg. Very well balanced economy. Regular events. ...аnd so much more!

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Server info
Rank #179
Adress (IP)
Online players 6 / 200
Version 1.16.5
Score 560 (70 votes)
Top 5 voters
#1 BaconIsDead BaconIsDead 15x
#2 The_Hoody1 The_Hoody1 10x
#3 SkVl SkVl 8x
#4 YT_Source_1x YT_Source_1x 8x
#5 DenisNX11 DenisNX11 6x