Server je primárně v AJ, ale v případě zájmu bude možné přidat český channel

IP: Dynmap: Invite link:

What's special about our server: The goal is to make a server that feels like vanilla, but has some harmless quality of life improvement plugins, that don't give any advantage to the players gameplaywise.

Player ranks -Automated ranks based on server playtime. Synced with discord. You can find specific times needed for each rank and their perks in ⁠📋ranks-and-commands

Quest Daily quests, completing them earns €. Command /quests 5 new quests every day, 2 easy for 1€, 2 medium hard for 3€ and one hard for 5€. Players can buy Elite VIP for 100€ (€ can also be earned by voting ⁠📮vote )

Dynmap, Playerheads, Bettersleeping, Armorstand Editor, and a few other harmless plugins.

Silvermoon banner