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Welcome to SoA! We are a story driven SMP that strives to bring endless amounts of awesome gameplay and mysterious content to anyone brave enough to adventure into the unknown! Our staff are focused on creating a seamless experience and are available 24/7 through the forums on our website, or through discord. Discord: Server Features: - Premium and Custom Plugins - Mcmmo - Custom Mobs, Weapons, Gear, and Story - Dungeons - Economy - Shops - World Guard - Hidden Clues, and Quests - Weekly Server events with cash prizes, rare in-game items, and gear! - At the end of every month top 3 in game money earners for that month will receive in-game prizes and rewards, More to come! You will have to be vigilant and use your wits to succeed in this game, be on your toes and be ready for anything! Thank you for checking us out. We hope you enjoy the adventure and look forward to seeing you in the server! - SoA Staff and Developers

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Rank #400
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Version 1.12.2
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