RoyalCraft SMP Season 2 Is Here! And Now, With LifeSteal!! ──────────────────────── 🌐 • RoyalCraft is an upcoming Minecraft-based community featuring a LifeSteal Server. We're all about chilling out, having fun and enjoying our time in RoyalCraft.

ℹ️ • Here is some more stuff to know about RoyalCraft's project: ──────────────────────── 🌟 • A brand new (Java 1.19) vanilla cross-platform Minecraft SMP, where TLauncher and java users can play together.

🌴 • We have many chat channels, VCs as well as trading channels for our cross-platform server.

🧨 • We host events and giveaways on a frequent basis with many prizes available such as Discord N1tro.

💼 • Additionally, we are seeking content creators, partnerships as well as staff, to support the server. ──────────────────────── 🗽 • Uphold crime or create crime? Go solo or ally up with players? Create a city or an empire? Choose peace or warfare? The choice is completely up to you! Join our server today and join our Minecraft SMP

🔗 • Discord Server:

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