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REZRA SMP IS A WHITELIST ONLY SERVER. JOIN OUR DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. Rezra Smp is a Survival Multiplayer Server . Our current season started about 2 months ago so still time to catch up .We have quite a few active players and looking to grow more. ━━> Server is characterized by Nations which are completely player regulated. Join a current nation , make a new one or just go in alone! Start Wars against others (unlike Anarchy servers , wars start with consent from both sides) We are somewhat like the dream smp, we roleplay a bit but we are not scripted. ━━> We have a few plugins to optimize player experience while staying vanilla. We do not use any big game changing plugins. Our Plugins ; Multiplayer Sleep, CoreProtect, ImageOnMap, DiscordSRV , /Tpa, Graves (no locks on graves) ━━> Server is hosted Dedicated with absolutely no lag . Hosted in Germany, Intel Xeon e3-1245v2 4 Cores, 8 threads ,32 GB Ram, 2x2 SSD 1GB Upload & Download


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Rank #897
Adress (IP) 25565/19132
Online players 3 / 20
Version 1.17
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