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Early Alpha Access Regular Craft is an online Minecraft Community Server that strives to build a community that fosters respect, sportsmanship, and fun. Regular Craft seeks to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable experience across all our online platforms and services. Please review terms of use, conditions, and privacy policies prior to engagement in our community. Join the Regular Craft Community Today! RegularCraft.MCraft.Pro Regular Craft seeks to appeal to a wide base of members by providing a wide breadth of game modes and additional game mechanics. Our focus is 100 on what the community wants to see. We regularly poll the community to stay up to date with demand. We are actively working to continually add new and exciting game modes as demand increases. Regular Craft offers a variety of ranks that can be purchased through our website that provide varying benefits. We strive to continue operating in accordance with the Minecraft End User License Agreement as well as Mojang Studios Terms and Conditions. Regular Craft Ranks, Subions, Perks, Cosmetic Items, and all other online virtual in-game items must be purchased with the respective Minecraft username that the benefits, subions, and perks will be applied to. Ensure you are signed into the correct account when purchasing through our store to ensure benefits are applied to the correct Minecraft account. NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. Review Regular Craft Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Rules, and Community Guidelines on our website prior to making purchases, engaging in our community, or participating in gameplay. Regular Craft LLC nor its properties are associated with nor sponsored by Minecraft, Mojang Studios, or Microsoft. Regular Craft LLC and its properties actively strive to maintain business practices in alignment with the United States Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act COPPA of 2000. Survival, Kits, PVP, PVE, SkyBlock, Creative, Grief World, Anarchy, Chat, Daily Challenges, Daily Rewards, Vote Rewards, Community Server, Online Community, Active Moderation, Family Friendly, Pets, Live Stream Rewards Drops, Ranks, Subions, Donations, Virtual Currency, NPC, Jobs

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