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Just a bare bones server I made for people wanting a semi vanilla server to play with others players has /home, /tpa, silk spawners, craftable spawners. Does not a have a fancy spawn looks like truly a stright forward SMP. Has a simple chat clean not cluttered has discord intergration that can be found on the server. Claims A simple plugin to allow you to protect your items and builds so you dont have to worry about what others are doing. Silk Spawners Thats right silk spawners is available to everyone just put silk touch on a pickaxe mine a spawner and your away. Discord intergration The server chat is able to talk with discord channels and discord with the server chat in a selected channel (Currently disabled) Clean chat A clean uncluttered chat that has minimal amout of prefixes and colors and does not use default minecarft chat formating

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Version 1.19.2
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