Welcome to play.Trikophalia.ga | 1.19.2 Old School: Survival, Freebuild, PvP & Economy

We've been working on Trikophalia for a long time now. We cover a vide variety of player origins. That is why we decided to make the general server language english. We have people from all around the World in the Staff Team as well as playerbase. (Germany, England, USA, Finland, Denmark etc.)

Trikophalia is a place where everyone should feel included. We want to make everyone feel welcome here. Our priority is to have a simple yet content-rich classic Survival/Freebuild Server with a vivid economy. Join us and take part!

Some of our Features (Not all)

  • 100% pure Survival/Freebuild/Economy & PvP
  • Auction House and Server Shop (Player Trade & Server Shop)
  • Protection System (Protect your Buildings in the Open World)
  • Jackpot, Lottery and Crates! (Try your luck and win a LOT!)
  • Quests (/quests)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rewards (/rewards)
  • Fishing Events!
  • Over 50+ custom Enchantments
  • Backpacks (Safe Items)
  • Death Chest & Death Coordinates (Get your Items back after a death)
  • Server Events every week to reward Players!
  • Purchaseable Chat Tags (In-game Money)
  • QoL changes like less fall-damage while Sneaking
  • A great Server based in Germany with enough RAM
  • A family envoirment ingame and in the Discord
  • Premium Ranks called "PIRATE" and "CAPTAIN" which are obtainable via Ingame Money
  • and many many more..!

play.Trikophalia.ga | 1.19.2 Survival, Freebuild, Economy & PvP - LAUNCH: 20. November 2022 banner