PieCraft is a community-driven 1.18.1 Minecraft server that is looking for more players to expand our growing community . We plan on having multiple server events and encourage our players to collaborate on community builds. We also give our players the ability to influence our server by suggesting stuff to add or change and then put it up for voting.

Basically, we aim to provide a home for like-minded Minecraft addicts who are looking for a Hermitcraft-esque experience.

Also, we like pie!


Version: 1.18.1

Server Location: Germany

Discord Link: http://discord.io/piecrafters

Some of our server features & datapacks:

1-player sleep

No Creeper Grief

No Enderman Grief

Armoured Elytra

Dragon Drops Elytra

Double Shulker Shells

Silence Mobs

Fast Leaf Decay

More Mob Heads

Player Head Drops

Proximity voice chat

Coordinates HUD

No bats! (You're welcome!)


A few quality of life custom recipes.

If we have piqued your interest feel free to visit our Discord server(link is above) and apply to join our server. Please note we are a 21+ server and do not accept anyone below that age.

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