Server description

OpLand Network is a project in the form of a minecraft server, available only for the Java version of the game. We focus on the OP aspect of the game. Therefore, you can find minigames like OpSurvival, OpSkyblock, OpOneblock with us and we still decide on OpUHC or OpLifesteal. For example, on our OP survivali, you will find a bunch of original things. We offer free XP for fast leveling, / mines for easy progress and much more. We also support PVP, so you can get things back with us within 15 minutes. We also offer a page,, where you can find the latest news, announcements or just place a ticket to solve problems. If you are interested in communicating with our players, our discord, will make it easy for you. We hope you enjoy our server, if you want to know more about us, visit the website or our tiktok,


Server info
Rank #35
Adress (IP)
Online players 7 / 69
Version 1.19
Score 2560 (512 votes)
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