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Welcome to New life SMP! this is an survival server with java and bedrock crossplay (bedrock: port:19997) and it has life steal! and an excellent server known for its crazy wars. We are a laid-back, chill, SMP server where we value community above all else. This is a survival server with a great community and its !really new! This is a great server for chill and having fun!! we will be adding life steal plugin soon mybe! our admins are nice and will help you! with anything! The server offers a variety of plugins that enhance the player experience while also !staying true to Minecrafts roots such as anti xray, player warps, set home , and more!! Show your support for the server by voting to earn free ranks which grants perks such as extra homes, cool prefixes, and more! And thats all! hope you join!!

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Version 1.19.2
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