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Mythical Lands is a survival server that features ranks, lands, quests, player based economy, custom items and more. ✨ Our focus and intentions: Mythical Lands was created as a place to express my creativity and passion for Minecraft. My goal is to share that creativity with you while creating a fun and welcoming community. We have some quality of life changes and a player driven economy to enhance survival gameplay while staying close to mechanics you know and love. You don't need to grind cash to rank up here. All of our in-game ranks are earned through game activity. There No P2W elements or ranks. For more detailed information about custom features and adjustments check out the guides channel in discord. 🏕️ Some of our main Features Include: 🔹 In-Game Ranks 🔹 Land Claims & Grief Prevention 🔹 Player Based Economy & Shops 🔹 Cosmetics 🔹 Playtime Rewards 🔹 Voting Rewards 🔹 Crates 🔹 Auctions 🔹 Player Vaults 🔹 Custom Fishing (only during tournaments) 🔹 No mcMMO, Silk Touch Spawners, or Server Shop. 🔹 Events, Giveaways, and Custom Items! Website: Discord: Shop: Server IP: Current Version: 1.19.3

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Version 1.19.1
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