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Welcome to MurdocMC! A brand-new PVP, PVE, & mcMMO server based in survival mode. INFORMATION: Here at MurdocMC, we intend to innovate an experience that all players of any skill level, may enjoy. Currently, the server has a small but dedicated player base. We are looking to do all we can to expand said base. Any suggestions/tips/advice are greatly appreciated and taken into consideration while proceeding with the servers development. The staff are very friendly and open minded. We are here to help with any issues encountered during your gameplay. So please, dont hesitate to send us a message. FEATURES: Easy Difficulty mcMMO Protection stones (land claim) Technical Vanilla Tweaks In Game Earnable Ranks McMMO Expanding World Border Multiplayer Sleep System Anti Grief / Landclaim PvP & PvE Focused Always Public / no Whitelist Capture & Relocate Mobs w/ SafariNet 4 different Loot Crates Mob Arenas Money for killing mobs GUIShop accessible to all players Another (much more intense) mob arena with extended map size and new features Better host hardware (meaning less lag, faster response times, etc.) Better loot crates Custom mobs found in the mining world Enhanced mining world (with mining outposts for purchase of tools and sale of ores/gems) Improved shop GUI More aesthetic tab list with added information More earnable ranks (acquired through playtime) Protection stones (for claiming land - with ability to share land) o128x128 o16x16 o32x32 o64x64 Starter kit that explains how to get all earnable ranks and displays server information Customized enchantments Veinminer Player auctions (auction off items to the servers current players) New kits for ranks VIP & Adept Loot crates can be purchased using /buy MURDOCMC WEBSITE(S): STAFF CONTACT: Join the discord here:

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Version 1.7.5
Velocity 1.7.2-1.19.2
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