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Welcome to MurdocMC! A brand-new Factions, McMMO server based in survival mode. INFORMATION: Here at MurdocMC, we intend to innovate an experience that all players of any skill level, may enjoy. Currently, the server has a small but dedicated player base. We are looking to do all we can to expand said base. Any suggestions/tips/advice are greatly appreciated and taken into consideration while proceeding with the server’s development. KEY FEATURES: MurdocMC is based around the Factions & McMMO plugins. However, the staff team is working towards a creative building world. This world will feature an entirely new set of ranks, specific to the creative world. If you enjoy building and being rewarded for your hard work and attention-to-detail, then this is for you. On the other hand, if you’re more into the “grind” aspect of Minecraft, then the survival world is appealing. We offer factions, land claiming, raiding, etc. The server has an economy based around selling/buying items from the shop located in spawn. Soon, players will be welcome to create their own shops and sell their personally collected items, for their own given price. With McMMO, players have the unique ability to rank up special skills. Such as: mining speed, sword damage, acrobatics, etc. These all give the player’s a lot more to do and continue working towards. The staff are very friendly and open minded. We are here to help with any issues encountered during your gameplay. So please, don’t hesitate to send us a message. OTHER FEATURES: • Easy Difficulty • Technical Vanilla Tweaks • In Game Earnable Ranks • McMMO • Expanding World Border • Multiplayer Sleep System • Anti Grief / Landclaim • PvP Focused • Always Public / no Whitelist • Capture & Relocate Mobs w/ SafariNet • 9 Different Vote Sites (w/ Rewards) • Mob Arenas • Money for killing mobs • GUIShop accessible to all players GOALS: • 15+ concurrent & recurring players • A strong, well-connected discord community • Server members, willing to help each other and play together • Open minded staff, able to assist wherever needed • A website with purchasable ranks/unique additions to gameplay RULES: 1. Be kind to all other players/staff on the server. 2. No bigotry 3. No excessive use of curse words 4. Don’t spam 5. Personal conversations happen outside of the server 6. Raids are allowed 7. No x-ray’s are allowed 8. The server is meant for all ages, keep that in mind! 9. Asking for free things won't get you anywhere (ranks, perms, items, etc.) MURDOCMC WEBSITE: STAFF CONTACT/DISCORD: It is suggested that you contact the owner of the server. MadMurdocc’s (the owner’s) discord username is MadMurdocc#0253 Join the discord server here:

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