To join, you must be on our discord and fill out an application on the whitelist

The MinePhase, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server that offers the perfect environment for players looking for a challenging experience and lots of fun.

Our server features a unique phase system that allows you to gradually unlock new tools and items to make your gameplay more challenging and fun. You'll start with wooden tools, but over time you'll be able to progress to the most challenging stages, ensuring that playing on MinePhase will be a challenge for every player.

In addition, we also offer a Dynmap that will allow you to easily navigate and explore the world. And to allow you to fully concentrate on your gameplay, the server is whitelisted and offers a friendly and safe environment for all players.

If you're looking for a server where you can progressively improve and find lots of friendly players, Minephase is the right place for you! Join us and start your journey to improve your skills and success!

If there is any problem contact me on discord ɥɔʇᴉlפ#3372

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