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Hello! We are a new server, opened today and we are hopping to find new players! Our server offers: Towny system: create your town/nation and fight other towns/nations Creating a town costs 2.500$ (25 Emeralds) Claiming a new chunk for you town costs 800$ (8 Emeralds) Creating a new Nation costs 25.000$ (250 Emeralds) Player run economy: our server uses emeralds as currency, you gain these by voting/mining, use these to trade with other players. Free ranks, Our server also offers free ranks which you can gain by spending emeralds at the "Ranks dealer" villager at spawn, these ranks offer cool prefixes and some nice perks. /trade, trade with other players safely Chestshops, create your own Chestshops, in which players can come and exchange items for emeralds! Bank: Exchange your Emeralds for Money/vice versa, which you spend for towns. Vote rewards: Each vote for our server will grant you 1Vote key, which you can use to open a Vote crate which will grant you Emeralds, and in extremely rare cases a Mending book! We also currency run a 40% sale on all items on the store for the first 10people that buy products! Ip: Discord:

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