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An extraordinary HARDCORE server. I would like to invite you to a server focused on HARDCORE survival. IP: VERSION: 1.12 - 1.16.3 DISCORD: WWW: **Hardcore survival** I'm sure you've played HARDCORE in the single-player world before, it's pretty much the same here, except with a few improvements. Whether you choose to play this mode is up to you, if-if you do, you enter the portal and that's when your adventure begins with only one life. Therefore, you must be careful every step of the way, because you do not know where the danger lies! **Normal survival** For now, normal survival with shop and auction as we all know it. We have things ready for you later! But that's in the stars now. **CREATIVE** and more. - HARDCORE/SURVIVAL/CREATIVE server banner

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Rank #91
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Online players 1 / 2
Version 1.16.2
Score 1175 (235 votes)
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