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We are a Network that does not want to make money off of our players. What we have done is created a system that allows the players to make lots of money off of our Network. There are weekly payouts, in a 5 week map, meaning you have a outstanding chance to get at least 1 payout before you are raided/taken off island top. Another way you can make money off the server is selling in game items for real money to other players, this will be partially monitored by staff, that way if you have sufficient proof of you being scammed the will be permanently ip banned. Currently we only have factions but we are working on prisons, after we will do skyblock, then vanilla, and then kit pvp. Our servers are really smooth, we only buy the most quality of plugins and make sure to have a lag free server.

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Rank #696
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Online players 0 / 2021
Version 1.7.5
Wine 1.8.8
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