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Lilliput SMP Tags: {Semi-Vanilla} {SMP} {1.16.5} {Whitelist} {Starter Kit} {Active Staff} {Discord} Description: Lilliput SMP is an up and coming, semi-vanilla Minecraft experience where we aim to provide a warm, relaxing atmosphere to play as you wish. Players can choose to survive by themselves, with friends, or even build a thriving, kingdom-like community. The server features a number of Quality of Life plugins aimed to streamline and expand many aspects of the game. With the assistance of these plugins, players can: • Establish storefronts with protected stock and profit • Extract enchantments from looted items • Experience many new, custom enchantments • Obtain miniblocks, player heads, and mob heads • Relocate spawners using silk touch • Customize their gear with particle effects ...and much more! List of Datapacks and Plugins used on Lilliput SMP: Why choose Lilliput SMP? • We use diamonds as currency, much like Hermitcraft. • We plan to have longer than average seasons, lasting between 6 months to a year (maybe longer). • Our player base has the ultimate say in all changes that happen, polls and surveys being taken when large changes are proposed. • For Forge users, we have compiled a small client-side modpack to add even more Quality of Life changes to your game. • We have a zero tolerance policy toward those who break our few and simple rules. • The administrative team is fair in all things, and only use commands to benefit the server, never ourselves. • Our player base spans the circumference of the globe • Our spawn town and shopping district are expertly designed for ease of access as well as aesthetic beauty. Lilliput SMP Screenshots: Apply to Lilliput SMP: Lilliput SMP Discord:

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