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Krucible is a simple, old school factions server with a few changes to vanilla minecraft designed to give you a minimalistic, brutal, feudalistic experience. Most changes are hardcoded, but we do have two rules. 1. No farms. Machine weapons, automation, and infrastructure like potion sorters, turrets, and tunnelers are fine and encouraged, but if your machine gives you an infinite amount of enchantment XP or a particular resource like obsidian, that machine is illegal. This includes all mob farms. Advancements like enchantments must be obtained manually. Finding and grinding on a natural spawner is ok, but any machines or enhancements built around it are considered mob farms and are therefor illegal. 2. No hacking. This includes duping, exploits, hacked clients. If you're discovered, you'll be immediately and irrevocably permanently banned. There our only two 'rules'. Everything else is hardcoded, so you don't have to worry about accidentally breaking a rule. Here are all the hardcoded changes: Obsidian can be destroyed by 3 tnt blasts in the same location within a 10 second window, so no base is unraidable. Netherite armor and swords are uncraftable. Netherite tools excluding axes, however, are still craftable. There's fifteen additional layers of bedrock on the nether roof, making nether roof bases impossible. The end has been disabled. That means no elytra or shulker boxes. The world border is set to 5k blocks in each direction. The world border will slowly increase over time. If you combat log, you die automatically. Beyond these hardcoded changes, we have a few additions to the server that offer a little bit of atmosphere. 1. Scattered throughout the overworld are a few custom dungeons. Hidden in their depths, guarded by especially dangerous foes and complex puzzles, are chests of magick loot. These rewards are rare and interesting, but none of them are without their limitations. 2. A little bit of code allows for our admin to create custom porticullis and castle gates for your keep. If you want one, build a gate or wall you want to become movable and ask Zark to activate it. Zark is always online. You'll be able to hit a specific switch to lift or move the door. 3. Roving traders unique to your faction's aesthetic will sometimes appear in your base to offer you supplies. They will only accept netherite ingots as payment, and they will only sell building blocks and utilitarian items. These traders are killable. If slain, they are dead forever. ---

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