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Ignite SMP is a nations/civilization SMP with new and interesting features never put on a factions/nations/kingdoms server. I have looked at all other major kingdoms and factions SMP and found that we provided something new. I host almost daily votes, and post frequent updates on the server. We have a lot of infrastructure to help you get started on your journey, this server is relatively new as the map soon resetting, but the server itself well established. We have a map where you can check out the terrain before you can play, we have a Wiki to help you get started on the server, and we have a discord server, to chat with other server members. We have simple and loose rules to keep everyone's day happy: Don't hack, don't be a jerk, and have some common sense! We are lag free as we have a server refined to simply the best, in terms of hardware, and optimization. We never strays too far from the vanilla experience. I am a quick responder when I am not at school, and will work hard to fix any bugs you might encounter. I take everyone's opinion equally as I host votes that influence the server. Come join us and begin your story!

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Version 1.16.4
Pufferfish 1.19.3
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