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Welcome to Hustlers Survival! From the creators of Steakgalaxy, we present to you Hustlers Survival! Work your way through the ranks by leveling up, and become a real Hustler. With a diverse amount of ways to earn both money and tokens, there is plenty to do on the server. Features include: ❖ + Brand new Deliveries system with many different categories to earn money and tokens. Level up to unlock more deliveries and different categories that becomes harder and more rewarding! ❖ + Jump down into the Warzone where you can collect supply crates. Here is the only place you can kill other players, whilst also collecting rewards from supply crates. ❖ + Earn money by doing tasks with Jobs. As you level up, more jobs become available. ❖ + Grind through weekly events to get awesome rewards! Compete against the whole server to earn new exciting rewards every week. ❖ + Log in every day to see an obtainable Item Of The Day waiting for you to claim through objectives. ❖ + Trade with players and set up shops in playerwarps. ❖ + Want extra keys or kits? Buy them in the tokenshop! Tokens can be obtained through a variety of tasks e.g. deliveries and crates. ❖ + Earn in-game currency and become the richest player on the server. Reach the highest level to become a Hustler! ❖ IP: ❖ Server version: 1.19.2 ❖ Discord: ❖ Store:

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Rank #817
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Version 1.19.1
Purpur 1.19.2
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