HTZero IP : Port : 30365

Survival Nogrief MobArena PVP Kits Shop homes

Survival PVP/PVE :

  • To start your adventure use one of the exit portal.
  • You can build anywhere outside the restricted area (spawns, portals...)
  • You can use the golden shovel to claim your spot (antigrief plugin)
  • You can trade many items with the shop

  • Mob Arena :

  • Use the arena portal to get to the lobby
  • Click on the sign to join an arena
  • Select your class and click on the iron block to start
  • Win reward !

  • -Commands : /info /rules /playtime /spawn /sethome /home /homes /delhome /money /pay /kits /mail /mail read /mail send /mail clear /abandonclaim /abandonallclaims

  • Discord : Contact me on discord : Mental#0617

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