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Welcome to HoneyMC! A brand new survival multiplayer! This server aims to bring you entertainment for hours with multiple fun plugins to keep you occupied! We have tons of fun features including a criminal bounty system which allows players to set a bounty on other players, rewarding you with money once you kill someone with a bounty. We also have, chest shops, vein miner, teams, which allow you to create and manage your own group of players. Disease, which allows players to catch and cure diseases. We have grief-prevention and LWC to protect your land and items from thieves. As well as RTP, which allows you to randomly teleport and auctionhouse which allows you to list items for players to bid on. We are a very small community as of right now, but we hope to grow and build our community together. Join us! You won’t regret it

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Version 1.19.2
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