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Join today and get involved @ EXTRA EARLY BIRD REWARDS IF YOU JOIN BEFORE FEBUARY 2023! :) Updates and events every single day!! UPDATES EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. Patch notes Friday 20/01/2023 ◘ **/tpa <player>** and **/accept** are working as they should now! ◘ Updated command of the main token shop to: **/hshop Tokenshop** ◘ Players can now unlock a **Portal Gun**. Place two portals up to 128 blocks apart and teleport back and forth between them seamlessly :wink: . There is no durability and you can never lose the Portal Gun! The **Portal Gun** is for sale in the HS Token Shop (**/hshop Tokenshop**) **NOTE!** Possible blocks to place portals on: - WHITE_WOOL - QUARTZ_BLOCK - CHISELED_QUARTZ_BLOCK - QUARTZ_PILLAR - WHITE_CONCRETE ◘ Added **Portal Gun** to the Hidden Token Shop for a mere 1000 HT. ◘ Real Minecraft gamers dont like having 100 double chests filled with blocks for their OMEGA build. Hence we are reintroducing Deep Storage Plus (the amazing storage module pulled from another big mod to java mp minecraft). Info: Unfortunately its (still) not able to store custom items, but the rest should be functional on 1.19.3 ◘ Added **DSU Item crafting unlock** to **/hshop Tokenshop** - Unlock all DSU Items for **5000 HT**, ◘ Added **DSU Wireless Terminal unlock** to **/hshop Tokenshop** - Unlock Wireless acces to your Deep Storage Unit for ultimate convenience, pretty costly at **10000 HT**. ◘ Players will be prompted to download a resource pack (These are the textures from Deep Storage Plus). ◘ Players can now duel eachother anywhere when close to eachother using: **/duel [username]** - A friendly duel. **/duel [username] [money]** - Starts a wager match with another player. **/duel accept [username]** - Accepts a duel request **/duel deny [username]** - Deny an incoming duel request. **/duel stats** - View your dueling record. **/duel stats [username]** - View another players dueling record. **/duel toggle** - Toggle to disable or enable all duel functionality. **/duel top [-|wins|losses|kit]** - View duel leaderboards. There is also a way to queue up for a kit duel in the Duel Arena. (**/queue**). We will have a ton of loadouts to pick from and 2v2 and 3v3 battles in the future! In addition to that every duel is recorded and there is a real elo system with added leaderboards. Players can also spectate the duels happening in the Duel Arena using: **/spectate** The Duel Arena has yet to be build by us, feel free to contribute by any messaging any @BUILDER or DM @Knetterkoekje#6600 to apply for a @BUILDER ROLE :slight_smile: WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU INGAME! THE PTR LAUNCHED 2 DAYS AGO!!! COME JOIN THE COMMUNITY!!

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