Server description

We would like to invite you to our server We offer you a seamless survival game with interesting accessories. We have rewards for voting, just interesting warps and other goodies that will make your game more enjoyable! The admin team will help you as soon as possible with a decent approach to players. We also offer a Discord server where you can find news about the server that has been added, etc. You can also find the server's website here. There is also a Dynmap server to help you. We will be happy if you join and support us!

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Server info
Rank #176
Adress (IP)
Online players 1 / 20
Version 1.17.1
Score 255 (51 votes)
Top 5 voters
#1 dominik558 dominik558 29x
#2 Kawazski_ Kawazski_ 14x
#3 ZaYoNyXX ZaYoNyXX 13x
#4 MirekVR MirekVR 8x
#5 CiecH CiecH 3x