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SURVIVAL SERVER STATUS ONLINE IP Address:    Be respectful of other player's areas and items. Don't steal things I've had to move the worldspawn once already.   Co-Operative Survival Server. PVP DISABLED. Gaian Engineering Version G13.2 MUST be installed to play.    Consider voting here:   Modpack Link:   Gaia Kitten Presents - Gaian Engineering   Works best with Large Biomes world type. 4.5Gb RAM   A modpack designed for MC Java 1.17+ Features include:   - pre-1.18 Experimental terrain generation   - Boosted Early-Game to get your mining operation up fast, if you are starting over again then not painful but still balanced. (Prefab, Steam Drill = 3x3) You will enjoy being boosted, as it will enable you to reach the brand new Better Nether and Better End, online!   - Better Nether provides a new way to experience the Nether, mashed-up with Repurposed Structures to add more variety to the landscape.   - Nature's Compass and Explorer's compasses will guide you to the new locations.   - Locate any biome or Dungeon in a survival friendly way.   - Dimensional Ores makes Nether and End mining fun again!   - Move Spawners around with the Carrier mod. There are many variations, including Wither Skeleton, Zombie Piglin, Enderman and Endermite spawners naturally generated.   - Totally different Redstone mechanics to explore. (Underwater Redstone + Redstone Sand?)   - Redstone Lamps in every colour!   - Destroying Limitations! Included are mods which remove the enchantment caps, plus a lot of new enchantments. (Beacons can be BIGGER! Up to 10 tiers high)   - Iron chests, barrels and shulker boxes provide double chests+ worth of storage with additional Netherite beyond Diamond level. And da ultimate AMETHYST upgrades, its expensive in a good way!   - 8 Double Chests in ONE Amethyst Barrel   Lighting up the dark corners of the universe with a Soul Fire! Official Original Mining Soundtrack is now available:


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