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IP: IP: IP: Gaffnet NEW MINECRAFT SERVER Server IP: ================================ Whatt can we give you: custom plugins very balanced economy you can get fly and commands by ingame money and playtime custom quests custom skills enchanting 80 commands have GUI menu ================================ We need players so visit us if you have free time Owner : Black_Zagy Server is 1.16.5 ================================ Discord: Website: ================================ Server IP: ================================

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Rank #100
Adress (IP)
Online players 4 / 50
Version 1.16.5
Score 2232 (93 votes)
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#1 creeperface2040 creeperface2040 13x
#2 dean99 dean99 12x
#3 Iloveyoutooo Iloveyoutooo 10x
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#5 DemonSpy DemonSpy 8x