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The revival of a old server i played on as a kid. To sum up the server; -Old combat mechanics. Yes you can spam sword swinging again and sword(replaced with shield)block! -MCMMO. Everyone knows this but aka RPG leveling up system via doing anything -Factions. Can create, raid, fight other factions with no restrictions -Obsidian breaker plugin. To make things intresting, you can destory blocks of obby with tnt/tnt cannons! Raid those hard to destory bases now. -Unlimited Dragon fights. Become the dragon slayer and fight a respawning "Alduin" to claim the title of Dragon slayer and a hefty amout of money. -Shops and Auctions! Buy/sell at the shops or auction something of vaule to the server or anyone to buy or bid. -AND SO MUCH MORE Public Alpha open! Join with discretion that everything is still being worked on with permissions and such and will be updating as progress is being made. Join the discord! **NEW UPDATE*** Server is now being hosted 24/7! No need to worry about the server closing or shutting down.

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Version 1.19.2
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