Hello and welcome to Fidus Achates, devoted friends!

We are a brand new server with some staff that have been playing the game since 2010.

One of our staff, Kormak1234, formerly Gameroy8, was even at one of the first Minecon conventions! He's my cousin.

If you've ever been on BurlywoodsMC way back in the day, that was his server, now he runs Fidus Achates with me.

We're very little right now but are adding more and more every day.

Server Specs

 We are running a Bungeecord setup with these servers as of December 26th, 2022. 1: BUNGEE 1GB 2: LOBBY & SURVIVAL 2GB 3: RPG 2GB 4: SkyBlock 1GB

 All Servers are located in California, USA

Server Features: Lobby An area to hang out and talk with friends. Hey look! You're in a snow globe! (New Hub Map coming soon) Snowball Fight! Parkour! Access all other servers from here.

Server Features: Survival Vanilla Minecraft you know and love, but with sprinkles! Random Teleporting by using /rtp Protect your land by using /kit claim and using a golden shovel. Shift right click with a stick to see land claims around you. Gain more claim blocks the longer you play! Set your home with /sethome Ask to teleport to others with /tpa

Server Features: RPG (BETA) Our attempt at bringing you a fun RPG experience. Currently a work in progress but we have a few towns we've been working on if you'd like to check it out. Regenerating trees, crops, and mines. MCMMO skills RPG has its own economy separate from other servers Keep your loot on Death (Might change to Graves in the future) Respawn and travel between graveyards you find around the world Quests Custom Mobs Custom Loot Dungeons (coming soon) Party up with other players and share xp Shops

Server Features: Skyblock

Good old Skyblock you know and love but with a little extra Skyblock has it's own economy A lobby with shops to buy things for your island Different styles of islands, including the classic L shape

News Currently Beta Testing the server, scoping out people to be mods (please don't ask, we will offer if we think you're a good fit) Taking in ideas for story, builds, development, etc.



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