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ExodianCraft A brand new RPG SMP server that focuses on leveling progression, Guilds, and Dungeons. You can choose to play with friends in a party, guild, or even play solo! We have custom weapons, gear, and abilities with over 200+ enchantments! You can earn everything through grinding and playing on the server, our enchantment crate containing all the custom enchantment books, can be opened with 25k In-game coins. What makes ExodianCraft different? Don't you want to find that new unique server? A fresh start in something new, where you can become a loyal player, enjoying the grind of the RPG aspect in Minecraft. We are starting the season off with letting the player base create their guilds, bases, and leveling up to take on Luther's Castle (Dungeon). Season 2 will follow shortly after we feel the player base is strong enough to unlock more dungeons and raids! We are also going to have Guild Wars, and award the top guilds of the server with custom gear and weapons. Just by being apart of a guild will allow you to participate in events and win you awards for the rest of your guild! Key Plugins Plugins that will make our server stand out from the others in the RPG world include: Aureliumskills Griefprevention (Claim Areas) Insane Shops (You can even make your own shops with chests!) Dungeonsystem Auction House Banks Citizens MMOItems What are you waiting for!!! Come join us on ExodianCraft and let's start the server off right, grind for endgame and let us get strong together! We are also looking for loyal players to become admins, if you enjoy the server and end up having a lot of play time, message me on discord and we will go from there! If you need any help feel free to message me, Avion#7619 on discord. Server info Host/IP: Discord: Running: 1.18.2 Location: San Antonio, California Rule(s): Check our website for detailed rules.

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