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Are you ready to form your own digital empire forged with guns, weapons and your own allies? Well Eternal Warfare is the server for you. We are a traditional Faction PvP server with an untraditional twist; guns. Will you become the merciless rulers of the server who never have to work for themselves again? Or will you become the scum that works tirelessly for the top guys? Either way, your destiny is controlled by you. Alongside the Factions gameplay, we have Mob Arenas that reap you rewards the further you progress which can be used to build the wealth of your Faction. We have also made many quality-of-life choices to the server that make acquring weapons and raiding more accessible for everyone so that you can jump straight into the action without having to grind for hours just to get a foothold. We boast many other features, such as McMMO, traditional 1.8 combat mechanics, economy, jobs, and disabled usage of elytras, totems of undying and withers, so that you get a balanced and fair "vanilla" minecraft experience without the rubbish that ruins Factions and raiding. We are currently in a Beta phase and are testing the server for stability, gameplay and so forth. We would love you to come and join the battlefield! All progress made throughout the Beta will be saved for a final release version. Up for the challenge then? Head on over using the IP:

Eternal Warfare >> Factions | Guns | Raiding | PvP | McMMO | Mob Arenas | KitPvP banner

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