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A simple Minecraft SMP with some unique plugin enhancements, that allow for an experience that heavily differs from the standard vanilla one. We are hoping to build a great community, that welcomes all new players. Have a plugin/mechanic suggestion? We always look to our community for inspiration on new ideas, to make things interesting once again. (Suggestions can be sent to [email protected] There are no rules here! There’s no anti-griefing plugins in place, so if you want your creations to last, you must fight! And most importantly, our server is NOT pay to win(p2w) The server hardware is completely owned by one of the admins, which means that the server upkeeping cost is effectively non existent. We also don’t feel the need to milk little kids out of their parent’s money, just 'cause they don’t know any better. From the over 500 different custom items, all the way to the custom seasons mechanics, this is the perfect place to stay, to kill some time with your friends and/or make new ones. Interested? Check us out at! (Bedrock compatible using port: 19132)!

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Online players 0 / 1000000
Version 1.7.5
DirtSMP supports Minecraft versions 1.7 through 1.19. 1.19
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