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DandyCraft is a Survival Multiplayer Server. Features: ✦ Unique Shop System where you can browse through advertised shops created by players themselves! ✦ 70 Player LevelsPlayer levels ✦ Extraordinary cosmetics ✦ 678 Quests ✦ Dungeons - Fight new and stronger monsters and get your hands on powerful items that can be unlocked by shards dropped by these creatures. ✦ Loaded Crates with all kinds of prizes from different tiers. ✦ Unique Death System - when you die, you get the chance to store your items in a particular inventory slot, or you can immediately claim them back through gravestones. ✦ Black Market - an off-the-market shop where a mysterious individual buys specific items from you. Every day his interests lie in different things. A daily visit is therefore highly recommended. ✦ Ancient Traveler - every day, the ancient traveler will enter the spawn with three new items he found while traveling. These items will be sold for a fixed price in unlimited quantities. ✦ Land Claim System ✦ Daylight Cycle - allows the player to vote for day or night. And a lot more... We are also looking for a new Admin-Team for the Server! Are you interessted? Apply now at What are you waiting for? Join now! IP: (1.19.2) Discord: Website: Store: Email: [email protected]

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