Basic information

  • CosmoPlay is a Java+Bedrock server focused primarily on Survival and minigames that deviate from the basic vanilla game. We use Resource Packs to improve the game experience and add new entities and items. At the same time, we are proud of the large content of Custom Plugins, which always dazzle players.

Here you will find Survival, SkyBlock, PlayerServers, MurderMystery, Duely, PartyGames and much more.. A fun and communicative Admin-Team is also a matter of course for the server, which is always available at the specified time both on the server and on Discord. AdminTeam is open to players, so you can chat with them anytime ❤


  • Great community
  • Plugins to improve the game
  • Residence
  • Custom Items
  • Web
  • VIP



Discord (for WhiteList)


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