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ChickenRoyale Nation/Wars PvP we love our chicken. In Chicken Royal, the world can be yours. With one of our features you can buy chunks to build your own empire and fight wars against other countries. Get fancy enchantments with our costum enchantments system. Can you defeat the ultimate Enderdragon? Enjoy the flair adapted to the real world. With us, a Minecraft day lasts 24 h, just like in real life. We have real seasons! That means, if it snows at home in the real world, it will snow on our server too. 😛 You can have relations with villagers. We have a MMO feature where you can level up to infinity to unlock passive and active skills. Join chicken Royal today with your friends and have fun in a gigantic world. Features Some features of our Server! Great Economy Our economy is very balanced! You can buy, sell items and get money while mining. Buy items from the ingame shop Dragon Slayer As a dragon slayer you will be praised at the spawn. You also recieve other nice rewards when defeating our custom Ender Dragon Tunguska. Lands System Claim your own Land today! Chicken Royale supports you with a faction based lands system. Claim a new land or join a land of a friend today. Day-Night Cycle We have an Accurate Real Time Day-Night Cycle So a Minecraft day is lasting 24 h. Like a real day Powerfull Enchantments We also have an advanced enchantment system. With costum enchantments like Forcefield, Soul Strike or Thunderclap MMO Experience There are countless skills for combat, farming, fishing, animal breeding, and more. On top of regular skills mcMMO also features Super Abilities which are similar to Ultimate moves found in many video games. These abilities feature a long cooldown and have incredibly powerful effects. They are unlocked early and continue to scale all the way until max level, these abilities add a lot of fun to the experience.

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