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• Why play just our server? Our server offers 5 minigames how to have fun. We have your favorite minigames available here, such as KitPvP, Bridges and we are preparing next super minigames! • Updates Updates are one of few reasons why play here. Server in future will provide few newly functions and minigames which will not bore you and will improve the environment in which you play. • Community Our community is not so big but it is definitely something special. We have an A-team, which will help you with joy and they are active so so you don't have to worry. We have our discord server, so if you are interested news and you like to talk with someone so you're welcome there: • What we can offers you? On the servers are 5 minigames, which you easily be fun and with your friends you will not be bored here. We offers Bridges, KitPvP, SkyWars, TowerDefense a Zombies. In the future we will prepare few next minigames which you can look forward to. • VIP Want you support us with rank? Here is a special Carton VIP for you, which offers few rights to the Minigames and the Lobby and will also receive some extra rewards. • Website The icing on the cake is the server website, where you can find the complete rules of the server, Admin-Team, VIP and more! | 1.7 - 1.17.1 thumbnail

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Rank #247
Adress (IP)
Online players 0 / 50
Version 1.8.8
Score 25 (5 votes)
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