Welcome to BrokenThrone, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! We're thrilled to have you here!

IP Address:

Java: play.brokenthrone.xyz Bedrock: play.brokenthrone.xyz Port: 22213

Server Features: • Cracked • Player-driven economy with player shops and auctions • Grief protection to ensure your builds are safe • Land claiming system to protect your builds and prevent griefing • RPG-style leveling and skills • Custom Enchants • Squaremap for real-time mapping of the server • Discord integration for chat and voice communication with the community • Mine Treasures to collect epic treasures by mining • Crates • Kits • Backpack • Vaults • Voting Rewards • Ranks and Levels • Jobs • Graves • Elite mobs and Mythic mobs • Mob Levels • Coins

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