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JOIN: Website: Discord: Minecraft Java 1.18.2+ Cracked Multiplayer 24/7 server. Play with friends. Mob Arena, Skyblock, Survival, PvP, Call of Duty Zombies, Anti Grief and a friendly community of players from around the world. We support cracked clients like the TL launcher. Download: When you first join the server do /register (example: /register 123456 123456, next time you join the server you will have to /login 123456) Popular commands: /spawn, /tpa, /shop, /ma join, /zombies join, /island, /claim, /vote, /discord, /sethome, /home, /unclaim Join and get an amazing starter kit! 1x Full Iron Tools + Armor 1x Bow + 64 Arrows 128 x Apples 64x Coal 32x Log 2x Chest 2x Furnace 1x Crafting Table 1x Bed 32x XP bottles

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Rank #136
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Online players 0 / 100
Version 1.19.1
Score 768 (32 votes)
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