Ever wanted a unique gamemode? A Full story that expands continuesly. Short story: Earth Is hit by a giant meteor. humanity would not survive. the 4 leaders of the 4 continents of the world worked together to make a bunker to keep some lucky people alive to save humanity You are one of the survivors.

What makes this server unique? A one of a kind special generator generates a fully underground world. Full of custom biomes caves and even flooded caves. Making it a unique experience. The underground world is different earning money is harder and limited. same for supplies. The mobs are spawning in masses if you do not look out. Server is PVE only and story based Features: Fully underground world Shops to buy or sell to. Story driven NPC's Special Portal for entering nether. Mega sized world pre generated lag free including a 3D multi layer worldmap Many usefull commands like home or other stuff

BC The Underground banner