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JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER TO BE WHITELISTED. WAR IS STARTING ON THE SERVER SOON! JOIN NOW TO GET PREPARED FOR BATTLE Join my server to get access to our SMP, BandaiMC! We have plugins which prevent griefing, and have custom events every week. To get verified, go to the introduction channel and type your Minecraft IGN. If you don't own Minecraft, just say "verify" to be verified. Once you're verified, you can then go to the "how to join minecraft smp" channel to apply to join. If you don't own Minecraft, that is completely fine! This server has many people talk to if you ever get bored. To help increase the SMP size (as well as for fun!), I stream every week on Friday and Saturday, so you can tune in to that. I also post videos every few days as well. You can sign up to be pinged whenever these happen in the notification agreement channel. This also can entertain you if you're bored or don't own Minecraft!

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