Arcane Expanse Origins SMP

Arcane Expanse is a 1.19.2 forge origins server hosted by Shockbyte with tons of additions, including:


Croptopia (Food)

Custom Origins

Lots of new weapons and bosses

New combat animations and new dash mechanic

Tons of quality of life changes

Deeper and Darker (Sculk dimension)

Lots of new mobs, hostile and passive alike

Lore and role playing, not required it's just for those that are into it

And soooo much more!

So, what do you need to join? Well,

You need a computer, Minecraft Java Edition, 32 or 64 bit Java (the app not the game), Curseforge, and 1.19.2 forge. You will also need to join the Arcane Expanse discord server. There's a more detailed description on how to join there. We have linked the discord server filled with a welcoming community for you to join that also contains the Curseforge modpack.

Arcane Expanse invites you on a brand new adventure that will cross multiple realities and fates, will you accept?

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