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Welcome to apollo smp, we are a community run and driven public minecraft server!, anyone can join our server to meet friends and hangout! What do we offer? -A semi-vanilla experience, vanilla minecraft but with a twist -friendly and active staff -non p2w(non-pay-to-win) we do not offer any ranks that could grant you advantages, we appreciate any donations that go directly to funding the server -A Factions plugin that enables you to Claim Land,Create Nations, and control territory -pvp,building and resource control based economy, in the limited world border world, you will have to compete with other factions and nations for Land and Power, but most importantly the limited resources that are available -Wars,enemies and allies are a big part of our server, Declaring wars will enable you to pvp and claim enemy terriortys this will grant you even more power -this server is up 24/7 and is consistently maintained by the owner and staff So why wait to join? Join now using our ip at We are always looking for staff to help us grow our community, Admins,Moderators are needed to provide a safe environment for anybody and everybody!

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Rank #99
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Online players 1 / 69
Version 1.18.2
Score 648 (27 votes)
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